Agriculture - Ministerul Agriculturii si Dezvoltarii Rurale



In 2007, Romania joined the European Union, marking a new era in the agricultural economy and rural development of our country. In this context, Romania had to quickly adapt their agricultural economy and rural development in order to integrate into the EU internal market and fully adopt the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

EU accession is probably the strongest factor of pressure for rapid reform of the Romanian agriculture and rural economy, given the need for successful integration into the European rural economy.

The European model of agriculture is based on a competitive, market-oriented, fulfilling at the same time other public functions, such as protecting the environment  providing more convenient residential settlements for the rural population and the integration of agriculture with the environment and forestry. CAP moves their focus from direct subsidies to agriculture (first pillar of the CAP) to the integrated development of the rural economy and to preserve the environment (pillar II of the CAP).

Romanian rural economy, largely dominated by agriculture, is still poorly integrated into the market economy. In today's market economy, on how we understand and apply marketing techniques depends the wellbeing of rural and urban area and the welfare of farmers.