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Regional Conference for Europe (ERC) of FAO and the work meetings of the 38th session of the FAO European Commission on Agriculture (ECA)

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 The REPORT of the Twenty-ninth FAO Regional Conference for Europe

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From 1 to 4 April 2014, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development hosted in Bucharest, the 29th Regional Conference for Europe (ERC) of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization/ FAO and the work meetings of the 38th session of the FAO European Commission on Agriculture (ECA).

Also, on 29-31 March 2014, consultation meetings were held by NGOs and civil society from Europe and Central Asia.

The three events mentioned above were held at the Parliament Palace.

FAO Regional Conference is the leading forum and governing body to agree on common priorities in our region 's agriculture, forestry, fisheries and rural development. This allows ministers and representatives from various government agencies to discuss and decide on policies that are important for all countries in western Europe to the east, such as Tajikistan or Kazakhstan.

During the session in Bucharest in April 2014, the issue of food losses and waste has been a central topic of the agenda. The informations presented to the member states have contributed to increase the understanding of the causes leading to the loss of food in the region.

Preliminary results show that the main reason in producing food waste are consumers , who buy food with great shelf life. This leads to an increase in unsold goods and thus to wasted food that otherwise would have been perfectly edible. Many awareness campaigns to reduce food waste in those countries were launched to address the local conditions that contribute to food waste.

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