Monday, 30 July 2018 15:18

The European Commission is considering granting a higher level of advances for direct payments and rural development

In order to help Romanian farmers after the difficult climate this year, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Petre DAEA, requested the European Commission - the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Phil HOGAN – to support the increase of the advance for direct payments and rural development to be granted in the autumn of this year

Following this intervention, European Commissioner Phil Hogan responded positively to the request of minister Petre Daea through letter no. (2018) 4270299, on the possibility of increasing the level of advances for direct payments (from 50% to 70%) and for certain rural development measures (from 75% to 85%). 

There is also the possibility of separately allocating SAPS advances or coupled support once controls have been completed for these schemes, as well as other tools that could help farmers, such as certain schemes under the Rural Development Program or State aid.